Private Pilot Certificate
When you have earned your Private Pilot license you see the world from an entirely new perspective. Rent an Aviator’s Wing aircraft and no longer are you bound to the ordinary, the hassles of traffic noise or being herded through large airport terminals. Now you can soar above the crowd, avoid the toll booths and complete your trip in one third the time of driving.

Our highly skilled flight instructors have a passion for flying, for teaching and for passing their flying skills on to you using the latest instructional techniques and equipment. Dedicated Aviator’s Wing instructors will take you under their wing to guide you as you develop your flying skills and earn your Private Pilot Certificate. Our commitment is more than ensuring you learn the basics to pass your written exam and check ride. We are dedicated to starting you on a flight plan that will carry you through a lifetime of safe, fun, flying.

Aviator’s Wing utilizes the industry's leading Jeppesen Guided Flight Discovery Private Pilot training packages. We know you are eager to earn your wings and Jeppesen’s Guided Flight Discovery packages and Aviator’s Wing Instructors will get you there in the shortest possible time. Our Private Pilot Training Package is a deluxe flight bag containing interactive CD-ROM training materials, FAA textbooks, Pilot’s Aircraft Operating manual, flight computer, pilot accessories and an aviator headset.

You may chose to study with either the Jeppesen Computer Based Instruction Kit or take a ground school class with our Flight Instructors to learn the many exciting knowledge components required to become a licensed pilot: rules of the air, flight planning, navigation, aerodynamics, air traffic control, weather theory, and forecasting. We review your lessons during your flight training visits. Aviator’s Wing will help you become a safe and confident pilot. The Aviator’s Wing Private Pilot Training Package contains everything you need to fulfill your dream of becoming an aviator.