Flight Simulator Training
PCATD Flight SimulatorAviator's Wing not only offers you the finest in flight training, but also the best in simulator training as well. Our Elite PI-121 PC-Based Aviation Training Device (PCATD) is FAA approved and allows you to log up to 10 hours toward an instrument rating. You'll find it extremely valuable for training toward any certificate or rating as it allows you to practice procedures training and repeat maneuvers for the practice you need to become proficient.

The realistic control console features a control yoke and throttle quadrant and the avionics panel is very similar to the panels in our aircraft. The system also features rudder pedals for complete flight control. A separate instructor console and monitor allows the flight instructor to monitor your simulation and introduce training scenario inputs that would be impractical or impossible in an aircraft, such as changes in weather or equipment malfunctions.

You'll find this system to be yet another way Aviator's Wing offers you the best in flight training.