Pilot Rating
You have your Private Pilot Certificate and you want to take the next step to improve your flying skills and not be limited when the weather goes below VFR minimums. Increase your options for flying with Aviator’s Wing Instrument Flight Training syllabus and all your flying will be safer. You’ll have more opportunities to fly and you won’t be earthbound when the clouds come out.

The knowledge you will gain from Aviator’s Wing Instrument Instructors will give you the confidence to utilize the latest in IFR GPS navigation and allow you to take full advantage of your airport’s instrument approach procedures. Your CFI-I is one of the industry’s leading training professionals and utilizes the latest Jeppesen Guided Flight Discovery training materials to teach you the safe, fun way to study the many exciting knowledge components required to become a licensed instrument pilot. We review your lessons during your flight training visits. Your Aviator’s Wing Instrument Pilot Training Package contains everything you will need to "Give Flight to Your Dreams" and become an instrument aviator.