Certified Flight
Instructor Certificate
Any pilot knows part of the joy of flying is sharing it with others, and flight instructors know that more than anyone else. Nothing in flying comes close to the thrill of watching a student solo for the first time, or sharing the pride of your student who has just become a newly certificated pilot. Earning a flight instructor certification is definitely a challenge and requires plenty of dedication and effort, but the sense of accomplishment you’ll have when you complete your certification will be one of the greatest you’ll ever know.

At Aviator’s Wing, we know this feeling first-hand and are ready to pass our experience and knowledge along to the next flight instructors. Whether you’re earning your CFI or CFI-I, we have the experience and enthusiasm to help you become the outstanding instructor that your future students expect you to be.

Other flight schools might pair you with an instructor who took his very first flight less than two years ago, but at Aviator’s Wing all the instructors have over twenty years of flight experience and an average of over 4,400 flight hours.

Aviator’s Wing is ready to help you accomplish this significant goal. Call us today and let us show you how!