N2497E - Cessna 172N
N2479E - Cessna 172N
N2479E - Cessna 172N
Aircraft Specifications*
PowerplantLycoming O-320-D2J
Maximum Power160 HP @ 2700 RPM
Oil Capacity7 qts.
PropellerFixed Pitch, 75 in. Diameter
Gross Weight2300 lbs
Empty Weight1486 lbs
Useful Load814 lbs
Baggage120 lbs
Fuel Capacity (Standard Tanks)43 gal. Total / 40 gal. Usable
Top Speed at Sea Level125 Knots
Cruise, 75% power at 8,000 ft MSL122 Knots @ 8.4 Gal/Hour
Cruise 75% power at 8,000 ft MSL485 NM
Maximum Range 55% power at 10,000 ft MSL575 NM
Rate of Climb at Sea Level @ 2300 lbs.770 fpm
Service Ceiling14,200 ft
Ground Run805 ft
Total Distance Over a 50-Foot Obstacle1440 ft
Ground Roll520 ft
Landing roll Over a 50-Foot Obstacle1250 ft
Reference Speeds
VR55 Knots
VSO41 Knots
VS147 Knots
VX59 Knots
VY73 Knots
VA97 Knots
VFE85 Knots
VNO128 Knots
VNE160 Knots
Best Glide (Flaps Up / Down)65 / 60 Knots
Max Crosswind17 Knots
* These specifications are for comparison purposes only and should not be used for flight planning. Consult the aircraft POH for operational perfomance planning purposes.