Discover Flying for $99!
When you hear an airplane flying overhead, do you ever look up and wonder what it would be like to be up there at the controls? Do you dream of flying?

Aviator’s Wing is offering an affordable and fun way to “Give Flight to Your Dreams” and to discover if flying is right for you. Aviator’s Wing Discovery Flights help you to discover the fun and enjoyment that can be yours in aviation. When you sign up for our Discovery Flights you will be met by one of our professional instructors who will give you a tour of our facility and a preflight briefing. There you will learn many interesting facts about your flight, from the preflight inspection through the taxi, takeoff and landing. Then, with your instructor’s guidance, you will be at the controls for takeoff on your 30 minute Discovery Flight. It all begins with your call to schedule the flight of your dreams.

Most people use their Discovery Flight to learn about our FAA approved Private Pilot flight syllabus, our highly skilled instructor staff, our professionally maintained aircraft and our 24/7 on-line or phone scheduling. Should you decide to earn your Private Pilot Certificate, this Discovery Flight can be logged and used toward that goal.

Call today to schedule the first step toward your dreams!