About Aviator’s Wing
Tim and Pat Benham founded Aviator’s Wing with the vision of offering superior flight training that removes the mystery and complexity of flight and replaces it with a shared passion for a lifetime of safe, fun, enjoyable flying.

There are three key elements that set us apart from the competition and make Aviator’s Wing the outstanding aviation resource you expect.

Our Instructors: Aviator’s Wing flight instructors teach out of a proven passion for flying, for teaching, and for sharing their love of flying. All Aviator’s Wing CFIs have a minimum of 2500 flight hours of experience earned while training pilots for advanced, front line aircraft in the US Navy, Air Force and Marines as well as hundreds of students in general aviation aircraft. Our instructor’s passion, experience and commitment to your training set them apart from those building time for the airlines.

Our Curriculum: We know flying is fun, and learning to fly can be too with the right training curriculum. We have chosen Jeppesen Guided Flight Discovery training materials as the best possible tools to help you discover the magic of aviation instead of just preparing for the written exam. Our application-oriented approach to pilot training teaches you the ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of aviation concepts to help you become a better, safer pilot and enable you to earn your Private Pilot’s or advanced flight certificates while having fun doing it.

Our Aircraft: Your time in the cockpit should be pleasurable, and we provide you with aircraft that make that possible. We have selected aircraft that you’ll find enjoyable for both primary and advanced training, and equally well-suited for taking your family and friends with you to new destinations. At Aviator’s Wing you’ll find aircraft that are clean and well-maintained that sport modern avionics and outstanding performance.