The heart of any aviation business is its aircraft. All of our aircraft are GPS equipped and you’ll find them to be well-maintained, well-equipped, and a pleasure to fly. The links below will take you to detail pages for each of our airplanes, but you’ll appreciate them even better when you’re flying them.

N5308L - Piper Cherokee D
N5308L features a 180HP powerplant and modern avionics including a Garmin GNS-430 moving map GPS. Whether you’re flying it while training toward a private certificate or advanced rating, or just taking it on a trip, you’ll be as proud to fly it as we are to offer it to you.

N2497E - Cessna 172N
You can find plenty of Cessna 172s around, but you’ll find this to be one of the nicest, yet most economical. More pilots have learned to fly in Cessnas than any other aircraft, and once you see N2497E, you’ll want to join them.

N25233 - Cessna 152
The Cessna 152 is one of the most popular and economic training aircraft ever produced. You’ll find this aircraft a pleasure to fly, whether you’re just beginning, or are just looking for one of the best 152s in this area for building proficiency.